The UltraVision WorkStation is a version of code intended for user education and training that implements the UltraVision's functionality in a PC.  The WorkStation does not have the code and drivers to implement an imaging system but it is capable of all the post scan functions of adjusting the image presentation, editing, storing images, cines and recordings, and saving the results in patient records as PDF or print, and comparing to the patient’s previous examinations.


The UltraVision stores images, cines and recordings in our proprietary format which is in frames of 16-bit deep acoustic lines, plus geometry data that allows the images to be recreated.  This gives significant power to the user to make adjustments in the image presentation such as compression, image size adjustments, and measurements, and also editing long recordings to make more succinct cines or images.


The input data is usually generated form an UltraVision Scanners and transferred by USB stick.  We have samples available for user testing.  Please call the number below and we will make them available.


A late model PC of the power of a quad core Intel 7i7 with graphics capability of supporting Direct X11 is required.


The WorkStation is in the form of a 60 Mbyte download for various FTP sites, again just call the number below and we will supply the connections.




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UltraVision Corporation is an accredited ISO13485:2016 / ISO 9001: 2015 manufacturer of medical ultrasound systems