Transducers may be purchased for the UltraVision system that range from 3 to 25 MHz and may be sintered or single crystal PZT.  The conventional sintered PZT transducers have a bandwidth of 70-80% while the single crystal are marginally more expensive but have even wider bandwidths which manifest better penetration and resolution.


        The UltraVision is capable of utilizing 128 and 256 element transducers.


Transducers Currently Standard with the system are:


                    C 3-7  a curved linear transducer with single crystal 60 mm radius 70 mm face, for general abdominal use


                    L  5-11 a 38 mm linear array transducer for small parts


                    L  6-15 a 52 mm linear array transducer intended for breast but not yet released for human use.


                    L 15 a 12.8 mm linear array for small animals


                    L25 a 12.8 mm linear array transducer with single crystal design for small animals


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