The UltraVision is equipped with a super High Resolution paper white viewing screen and a High resolution touch panel as the viewing screen need not be touched but the touch panel is tolerant of gel and contaminants but is quite capable of displaying diagnostic images.


      The touch panel also puts all now and future controls (current  and future controls) under software design with features providing a user interface that is obsolescence proof.


       The panel is capacitance multi-touch capable (up to 10 points) so while one finger can move the image two can magnify or shrink the image by factors of 10 or more.


     The panel displays the functions available for the mode and the place in the functionality, so potentiometers and elegant manipulations of the controls are possible. Most image windows can be expanded with two fingers to be temporary dominant in controlling or diagnosing.  Calipers and measurements can be made much more accurately by enlarging the feature in the image to allow placing the caliper to, then return to a previous non magnified view.  Up to sixteen measurements are possible, each being designated by a unique color.


       The touch panel has education and teaching modes to allow the novice user to become quickly proficient.



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UltraVision Corporation is an accredited ISO13485:2016 / ISO 9001: 2015 manufacturer of medical ultrasound systems