Thunderbolt / PCIe



       Ultrasound detects signals from hundreds of volts to mico-volts in the 0.5 to 30 MHz spectrum.  Thus ultrasound is very susceptible to any electrical noise and efforts must be made to minimize this susceptibility to achieve clear penetration deep into the patient for clear image quality. WinProbe has made extensive efforts in the system's power supply, shielding and connections. Thus housing the console in a case and connecting it to a personal computer which is not subject to the same vigorous electrical noise criteria, via a length of cable is ideal.

       Thunderbolt is the state of the art high speed thin flexible cable to provide separation of the ultrasound system and the personal computer in this ultimate noise free requirement.  Operating at 10 or 20 Giga-bits per second it supports, in the UltraVision's case, at 400 Mega-bytes per second.  The UltraVision's printed circuit board supports 4 channels of Gen 2 PCIe which can transfer data at 1600 Megabytes per second over a PCIe cable and is available from special systems.

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