System Specifications



     The Standard UltraVision Research Platform comprises 64 channels of 14-bit receive analog to digital converters with a SFDR of 75 dB and a digitization frequency that is user selectable of 40 or 60 Mhz.

An internal multiplexer services 128 channels and external multiplexers in some transducers can service 256 channels.

     The system can be purchased with optional modes that support B, M, CFD, PW, PD and E.


      A separate time gain compensation of 40 dB is applied from 8 virtual digital potentiometers to the acoustic lines of each Mode.


     The console is physically 9.875 by 14.2 inches that corresponds to the size of the Apple Mac Book Pro 15 inch Retina and comes clipped to the Mac Book for a combined weight of 8 lbs (console is 3.5 lbs). The console is machined from a single block of aluminum which contains all standoffs and internal wall separators

for structural integrity.


     The console has a power inlet (8-20 volts), a power switch,  a transducer connector, an I/O connector and a fire wire cable. All other connections and interfaces are through the PC.


     The console contains fans where the inlets and outlets must be kept open and is capable of operating from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


     For full detailed system specifications please download the PDF files with the buttons below.


      All specifications are subject to change without notification prior to acceptance of an order.





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