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   The UltraVision supports the basic function of an ultrasound research platform by giving the user access to the digitized radio frequency (40-60MHz 14-bit) data from each analog to digital converter (64) in a binary file on the personal computer from where the data may be exported over industry standard links.


    The UltraVision allows the user to digitally create 512 waveforms comprising +, GND, -, HiZ in 4-nanosecond increments and then have those waveforms applied to the pulsers with focusing and steering delays of again 4-nanoseconds.  Algorithms are available which create apodization by Hamming windows over the apertures by pulse width amplitude modulation.


      The UltraVision contains a Synthetic Receive Memory where 1 to 64 channels can be received, beamformed and kept in the RF domain to allow other subsequent lines to be received, beamformed and added or subtracted  before the detection process.


   The user may then apply whatever algorithms in whatever environment (MATLAB, C, C++, C#, etc) to test his or her concepts.


    The system contains a Flash Memory Buffer that can simultaneously record the RF data from each analog to digital converter during an image receive period (>50 micro-seconds) , which later may be beamformed (or back projected) into an image. Several flashes may be independently stored in this memory.


    There is a DDR3 memory card on the FPGA printed circuit board which provides up to 4-giga bytes of effectively flash memory so all the digitization from multiple acoustic flashes can be recorded and later processed through back projection techniques.


     The UltraVision is available as a laboratory system with 64-channels on one FPGA on one small printed circuit board but special orders will be considered in where multiple boards can be combined in parallel to achieve up to 10,240 channels.


     Successful research can be commercialized using the UltraVision Platform at a very competitive cost.  WinProbe stands ready to assist the commercialization with regulatory compliances.



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