Photo-Acoustic Platform





        In the Photoacoustic Platform, the UltraVision is coupled with a photo sensor trigger which when shared, a small fraction of a laser flash will trigger the scanner in acquiring the image data into the Flash Buffer  (40-100 micro-seconds) where all 64-channels are accumulated. The data in the Flash Buffer is then beamformed into 64 to 128 acoustic lines which are sent to the PC to form an image frame.  Algorithms are available to the researcher which move the aperture across the transducer to acquire data from subsequent laser flashes, which are added to the Flash Buffer the contents of which are subsequently added in the Synthetic Receive Memory to form higher resolution images of wider fields of view.


        This beamforming method of back-projection forms an image of 128 acoustic lines of 2048 sample points in 7 milliseconds.  As the typical laser requires 100 milliseconds to recharge, the remaining time before the next laser flash may be used to form several conventional ultrasound images and then the photoacoustic and ultrasound images may be fused for display.


        As well as implementing the WinProbe algorithms for photoacoustics, the researcher has access to the "Raw RF data" from the analog to digital converters to apply his or her own algorithms of data interpretation.  The researcher is usually limited to work in a C or MATLAB environment which is many orders of magnitude slower than instantiations in the FPGA.  WinProbe can offer consulting on placing the researcher's tested algorithms into the FPGA.




      One photo sensor trigger is supplied with each photoacoustic system and it allows the researcher to be operating the system within minutes of unpacking the UltraVision system with an operational laser.  Additional photo sensor triggers are available for purchase in the case where the untrvision is used with multiple laser setups.

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