Personal Computer (PC)



    Four gigabytes of memory physically resides in the scanner's console but is mapped into the PC's virtual memory at boot up which provides for the ultimate speed in data transfers. Thunderbolt link allows the PC to seamlessly process these images in the NVIDA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which contains hundreds of shader cores to seamlessly create and process the images at very high frame rates.


      Where possible the windows standards and functions have been adhered to but in clinical systems features like connecting to the Internet or running other programs have been disabled for regulatory compliance and cyber security.





    The UltraVision Scanner System incorporates a Personal Computer (PC) which facilitates the User Interface (UI), image storage and communications.


      Communications between the scanner and the PC utilize one channel of the industry standard  Peripheral Component  Interconnect Express (PCIe) through a Thunderbolt cable which communicates at 400 mega-bytes per second. This thin Thunderbolt cable allows the Resaerch Platform to separate the components to reduce  Radio frequency interference.   Optical Thundebolt cables are available for distances up to 300 feet.


     WinProbe has standardized on the Mac Book Pro 15 inch Retina operating in the Windows as the PC for its quality, reliability, transportability and excellent display.

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