The UltraVision components may be purchased  by an Original Equipment Manufacturer to develop ultrasound capabilities into their products.


      We offer an Application Programming Interface (API) for the OEM to program the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and some acquisition of the digital acoustic lines. We usually work with the OEMs for special signal processing. The source code for a Sample Application is in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for the designer familiar with C#.  We also offer a C++ wrapper.


       We also offer a View DX (VDX) and Sample Application for the designer familiar with Microsoft's Direct X 11. The OEM designer  can accept the digital acoustic lines from the console and create real time images complete with B-Mode, M-Mode, CFD-Mode, PWD-Mode, Elastography-mode and caliper functions.


      We also offer packaged programs with licenses that support Patient Management, Session Management, with a Data Base and output.


      The UltraVision is FDA approved and we are an ISO 13485:2016 (and ISO 9001) compliant company. Further, we can provide guidance for the developer to comply with the Programmable Medical System (PEMS) section requirements of ISO 60601-1 in areas of Software Requirements Specifications, Software Design Specifications, Software Verification and Software Validation.   Any labeling changes for manufacturer, change of intended use, technology performance changes will require the OEM to file a 510(k) for their facility where we stand ready to assist on a consulting basis.


     Two boards, UP1 the ultrasound controller which is 9" x 3.5", UP2  the power supplies for UP1 which is 9" x 2.5" are needed  plus transducer interface implement a system. These two boards require 40 watts and between 8 and 24 volts in the supply. The UltraVision XS  system requires 19 volts DC by 4-amps usually supplied by a IEC60601-1 desk top supply from mains power.


The UltraVision XS system can be supplied with monitors, a PC, a case and a Lithium Ion Medical certified Battery.


UP1: A 64 channel ultrasound acquisition board

UP2: The power supply for UP1

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UltraVision Corporation is an accredited ISO13485:2016 / ISO 9001: 2015 manufacturer of medical ultrasound systems