Biomedical Engineering Teaching Platform


(Under Construction for mid 2015 Release)



The UltraVision  Research Platform allows the user to design custom transmit wave forms for each element of the active aperture of the transducer and phase (or delay) the waveforms  for focusing and steering and then collect the channel's backscatter data at 40 or 60 Mhz with 14 bit accuracy in common file formats in the PC.


Various teaching / diagnostic displays are capable of showing response from the 64 channels simultaneously.


The biomedical engineering teaching platform is being programmed with  lessons which guide the student to understand methods of transmitting and receiving acoustic data in practical examples with basic phantoms.  Focusing, pulse inversion, coded excitation, flash imaging, beamforming, detecting may all be explored with C# and Matlab.


An example of one of the lessons used is about beamforming, where the channel scope feature of the UltraVision (usually used for transducer quality control) is, with the transducer fixed above a water tank and focused on a wire showing the delayed channel outputs with  a 40 MHz digitization in the left image and a 160 (interpolated) digitization in the right image. The lesson continues with sampling at the summation stage of the beamformer where the signal to noise ratio improvements become even more obvious.  This illustrates the advantages of the access afforded by the single FPGA architecture.

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