The UltraVision  Research Platform allows the lecturer to design custom programs where the student can be assigned protected space in the UltraVision to perform hands on experiments.  The students may design transmit wave forms where they can vary the transmit aperture, delays of each channel, waveforms for each channel and then collect the channel's backscatter data at 40 or 60 MHz with 14 bit accuracy to common file formats in the PC.  Focusing, steering, apodization, beamforming, detecting and coding may easily be visualized by the Channel Scope and analyzed from binary files to be explored with C# and Mat Lab.


The company is looking for partners who will develop a Bioengineering Syllabus with lessons that can be productized for other schools. Substantial partner funding is available.

An example of one of a lesson is the accuracy of beamforming, where the channel scope feature of the UltraVision is used with the transducer fixed above a water tank and focused on a wire showing the delayed channel outputs with  a 40 MHz digitization in the left image and a 160 (interpolated) digitization in the right image. The student may then sum the delayed channels in the UltraVision or in Mat Lab to determine the increase in signal to noise by the interpolation.

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